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Summer 2023 Updates

*photo taken at Lake Eugenia shoreline July 25, 2023

The Impact of Algal Blooms

As of late July 2023, Lake Eugenia has seen numerous algal blooms during the summer months that has directly impacted the ecosystem. This seasonal decline in water quality has caused beaches to close and greatly limited recreation activities, not to mention the overall health effects for various wildlife that call the Lake home.

This is why your contribution to Friends of Lake Eugenia matters. Your donations will go to funding research into the root-cause of these harmful blooms and help us preserve our Lake's health, ensure safe recreational activities and continue to support sustainable tourism to the place we call home.

Phase 2 Updates

Monthly sampling for Phase 2 began in May 2023 and will continue into the Fall. Three sensor chains are currently deployed in various areas of the lake to measure oxygen, conductivity and temperature, both above the lakebed and near the surface. This will help us understand any sort of changes in the water column, including nutrient levels. 

Check out the PDF to see the sensors and where they are located. 

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