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Help us protect our beloved Lake Eugenia for years to come

News Update
Summer 2023

We are now in Phase 2 of the Water Quality Study and Hutchinson Environmental is busy collecting samples all over Lake Eugenia. These activities will build-upon Phase 1, with the goal of ultimately understanding the underlying cause of the algal blooms.

Who We Are

Friends of Lake Eugenia is a non-profit organization established by Lake Eugenia residents Doug Hill and Morgan Anderson. Our goal is to help preserve the natural environment of Lake Eugenia and protect its waters for years to come. We are a group of passionate residents who are taking action and building partnerships to prevent the degradation of the water quality of our lake. 

Image by Matt Hardy

Why We Care

The water quality of Lake Eugenia has been noticeably impacted over the last several years, leading to numerous beach closures during the summer months. From e-coli to algae bloom spikes, the conservation issues that we face can negatively impact the local ecosystem, including habitat loss of local wildlife and increased water toxicity of a valuable freshwater resource.


We Need You!


We are a volunteer-run organization made up of concerned citizens and we've partnered with a environmental consulting firm to help us find the causes of the decline in water quality at Lake Eugenia.


We're fundraising an initial $50,000 for the Phase 2 portion of the study. If you'd like to donate please visit our GoFundMe page or send your donation via e-transfer to

We're happy to issue you a tax receipt for your donation. Please reach out to us if you'd like one and we'll make sure you have it for the upcoming tax season.

Our Sponsors

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Our Partnership & Plan

A Scoped Lake Eugenia Management study is being conducted by the scientists at Hutchinson Environmental Services Ltd. Key steps of the plan are listed below, with the goal of identifying key factors that could be contributing to the lake quality and providing an action plan to combat the issues.

Image by Scott Graham

Phase One

Background review of existing Lake Eugenia water data

Click HERE to view the report

Image by Agence Olloweb

Phase Two

Gap analysis on data review to determine any key missing or needed data

Image by Sime Basioli

Phase Three

Field investigation including vigorous water sampling and shoreline evaluation

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